And this will be my right upper arm tattoo. It’s decided. 



imagine dragons. just imagine: DRAGONS. imagine them.


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Talk nerdy to me. by cesar_frenchie


Tattoo done by Stanley Storm.



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julien meunier

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How to Greet Death: A Response

(inspired by How to Greet Death by Gabriel Gadfly)

I wish I could greet death

Like a svelte Russian KGB agent

With bright red lipstick and a menthol

Dangling from my mouth

Leaning against a brick wall

So casually

But in reality

I will greet death like a newborn infant

Alone in the world until it meets the eyes

Of its mother

I will greet death

Hiding under a desk

With the barrel of a gun pointed at my face

Wondering when was the last time I told my mother I loved her.

I will greet death like a naïve university student

Learning about entropy

Did you know,

There’s a law of thermodynamics which states entropy is

What the universe is constantly moving towards

Energy resolving itself into a more probable arrangement

Like the moment it all clicked together

My universe, my body, my system

All shifting to a more probable arrangement

An arrangement that is



Quatre chats assis. Egypte, 664-332 av. J.-C.

  1. Camera: PENTAX K-x
  2. Exposure: 1/125th
  3. Focal Length: 50mm